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I fell in love with the Portuguese Water Dog after seeing one perform as a Super Dog at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto in 1998. I was impressed with the energy, exuberance and intelligence of these amazing animals. Being a single person at that time I was not able to adequately care for a dog on my own. I met my husband Andy in 1999 and when we became engaged I told him that having a Portuguese Water Dog was part of the deal if he wanted to marry me. Luckily, he agreed and in 2003 we bought our first dog Maggie.

I am an avid “hobby breeder” and our dogs are home raised and a part of our family. In the buyer’s tips section you will read about what hobby breeding involves and how to choose a reputable breeder. Upon retiring from a very busy career as a social work therapist and administrator, I now spend all of my time caring for, training and showing these wonderful animals. I am a member of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America and Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada as well as a member of the Canadian Kennel Club in good standing. All of our dogs are registered with the CKC and genetically tested. Read more about this under the health issues and buyer’s tips sections. We are firmly committed to breeding top quality dogs with a focus on temperament, health and conformation.  We carefully research pedigrees to ensure good health, correct type and temperament conducive to family life.  Most of our dogs are placed in homes with children which is a testament to our responsible breeding practices.  References from past puppy buyers are available upon request.  Please refer to the testimonial section on the website. We welcome visitors to our home at any time by appointment only.

If you wish to come for a visit, please contact us.

Hope you enjoy browsing through our website and we look forward to hearing from you in the future.

What others say about us

Jamie McMaster and Family

We have family who have Portuguese Water dogs.  We liked the dogs immediately and began looking for breeders.  We came across Keeva Bay’s website and sent Sharon an email. It wasn’t very long after that, that we made the trip to St. Clements where we met Sharon and her dogs.

We met Kaylee, the mom, Clara and her sisters and brother.  Clara is a beautiful young dog, six months old now and a big part of our family.  She is very smart and super friendly.  She is quiet when we want to sit around and relax and can run, play and swim with us all day long if we wanted.  Our veterinarian complimented us on our choice, how healthy Clara is and how organized and thorough Sharon is.  Clara is easy to take to the vets and enjoys going to the groomers.  Thanks so much Sharon.  We couldn’t be more happy

Jamie McMaster and Family
Darlene and Glen M.

Sharon was wonderful through the entire process – she kept us up to date and most importantly, made sure she took the time to ensure that our new puppy was the perfect fit for our busy home.

Sienna has an incredible disposition and a wonderful temperament.

She is kind and gentle and interacts well with everyone she comes across.

We have 4 young children and Sienna’s personality is a perfect match for our busy family and our lifestyle.

Our friends and neighbours consistently comment on Sienna’s quiet demeanour, how obedient she is and how incredibly gentle she is with kids.

She is a loyal companion and a wonderful addition to our family.”

Darlene and Glen M.
Fran, Jim, Eric, Brandon and Rio Lucari

Cowboy is our second Portuguese Water Dog. However, this is our first dog from Sharon. Wow! What a different experience it was dealing with her than our previous breeder.

Sharon is a breeder we greatly respect and like as a person.  Her website was a terrific way to feel connected through the whole process of acquiring a new puppy and a new addition to our family.  Sharon’s weekly pictures and timely response to all of our emails and phone calls filled us with much excitement and confidence in the new puppy we would be bringing home.  Besides being extremely nice, conscientious and very knowledgeable about the breed, she also does everything that is in her power to make sure that she is breeding quality dogs; hopefully, producing the healthiest puppies possible.  Boy, did she hit a home run with our family!!

Sharon gave us the perfect puppy for our son and more importantly, a puppy that would bond and fit in with the temperament of our 10 year old male Portuguese Water Dog, who had been “King of the Hill” for a very long time.  From the day we brought Cowboy home, he melted the hearts of all our family members, including our older dog, Rio.  We could not imagine our lives without our Cowboy!  He is so cute, lovable, healthy, very smart and easy to train. Hopefully, when we are ready for another puppy, Sharon will still be breeding.  If not, we feel so fortunate to have found her and have one of her puppies in our home.  We can say without any hesitation, Sharon is a breeder you can trust.

Fran, Jim, Eric, Brandon and Rio Lucari
George. Sue and Heather Sweny

Our family decided to adopt a PWD about one year ago. We did lots of research before landing on this very unique and amazing breed.

Then it was time to find a reputable, trusted breeder with available pups, which was not quite as easy as one may think. Through the network we developed during our research stage, we were very fortunate to meet Sharon Lapstra and her wonderful dogs at Keeva Bay.

We spent lots of time with Sharon, met her dogs and eventually adopted a very beautiful little puppy we call “Jet”. (Keeva Bay’s Built For Speed) 
He’s handsome, lot’s of fun and above all has a wonderful temperament…he’s a sweetie to say the least.

Working with Sharon was fantastic. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and caring about the breed and worked with us closely to make sure our pup was a great fit for the family.

We’ve had “Jet” for 8 weeks and we know Sharon will be there for us when we need her advice and insight.

Jet has now had two visits to our veterinarian for his health check and vaccinations. It was very rewarding to hear the doctor say that she has rarely seen such a beautifully tempered, calm and intelligent pup in 30 years of a very active practice! In her words…”your breeder has given you a fabulous dog” and …“keep doing what you are doing” he’s absolutely amazing!

Our family feels more complete with our beautiful new little boy, Jet!!!

George. Sue and Heather SwenyToronto, Ontario
The Clark Family.

Our puppy experience with Sharon has been fabulous!

From our first phone call to see if she had any pups left for a family home, right through to several emails later at 5 months of age, Sharon has been professional, helpful and encouraging.

Bodie, our 5 month old Portie, is a perfect fit to our busy family life: walking in the forest, cottaging, and now looking forward to ski trips. Sharon was able to pick the right pup for our home based on social visits with the puppies, and meeting our children prior to bringing him home.

Bodie’s disposition is wonderful; playful and able to rough house but still very gentle, easily trainable, and loving. My 3 young boys have been able to train, walk and play with him without worries. All our neighbours comment on how lovely he is, and many of the neighbourhood kids come specifically to play with him in the backyard.

He is a wonderful addition to our family and the kids are already asking to get another Portie.

The Clark Family.

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