Portuguese Water Dogs

About PWD’s

This spirited breed was prized by fisherman for their obedient nature and ability to work tirelessly in and out of the water. The PWD aided his master by retrieving broken nets, herding schools of fish, carrying messages between boats and guarding unattended boats at night. This highly intelligent breed is distinguished by two coat types, curly or wavy.


Dogs come in variety of colors including, black, black and white, brown and brown and white. As dogs mature, both black and brown coats may or may not grey.


Due to changes in fishing methods and technology, breed numbers dwindled. The breed was revived in 1972 and now there are over 7,000 dogs in North America. The Canadian Kennel Club recognized the breed in April, 1992. In the United States, The American Kennel Club recognized the Portuguese Water Dog in 1981 and was admitted to championship competition in 1984.

The Portuguese Water Dogs is a medium sized breed characterized by a lively and robust temperament. Males stand 20-23 inches tall and bitches, 17-21 inches. The ideal height for males is 22 inches and 19 inches for females. Males range in weight from 42-60 pounds and bitches range from 35-50 pounds. The coat is considered non-shedding and grows continuously. Dogs require frequent bathing and haircuts, approximately every 6-9 weeks. Brushing twice weekly is essential to prevent the coat from matting. People who suffer from allergies find this breed much easier to tolerate, however, it is recommended that individuals suffering from allergies spend some time in an enclosed area with a Portuguese Water Dog before making a purchase so that compatibility regarding irritation from allergies can be accurately assessed.

The Portuguese Water Dog loves to be social and thrives on human company. It is not a breed that can be crated 8 hours a days or live in a kennel environment. All Keeva Bay dogs are home raised and live in a family environment. In terms of temperament, these dogs are alert, protective, exuberant, extremely intelligent and curious. They require a good deal of physical exercise and basic obedience training. If properly trained and exercised, these dogs are wonderful and obedient family members. For more information on the Portuguese Water Dog, go to www.pwdca.org or www.pwdcc.org There is also more information throughout this website.

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